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Chaukori is a small town located in the heart of Pithoragarh district. The town is situated at an altitude of almost 2010 m above sea level and at a distance of 16 km from Vijaypur and 46 km from Bageshwar. Terai lies to the south of Chaukori and to the north is Tibet. This beautiful town of Pithoragarh district offers marvelous and reviving views of amazing Himalayan beauty.

The British established tea gardens in Chaukori and this town is known for its beautiful tea gardens. Most of the travelers call this town as a heaven in the Kumaon region. The beauty of Chaukori is not affected by crowd and pollution at all. Literally cupped in a bowl by the surrounding majestic Himalayas, this town is famous not only for the magnificent view it offers from Nanda Devi to Panchchuli and beyond but quite unrivalled for its breathtaking beautiful sunset. The spectacular sunrise and sunset make Chaukori an idyllic holiday destination among unspoiled nature. Exuding an enchanting charm, the equitable climate of the town accounts for the fields of ripening corn, fruit orchards and pine, oak & rhododendron trees.

Chaukori is an undiscovered jewel in the crown of Kumaon, and unexplored natural destination inviting tourists to discover new places and a dream destination in the nearby areas. Here you can bask in the clean mountain air of Himalayas, listen to the songs of Birds and view the breathtaking scenes of the sunlight playing with the snowcapped Himalayas. It is known for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The clean atmosphere of the Himalayan Range takes you to a mysterious world at night when you can stare at the clear star filled sky endlessly. The stars appear very close and one gets a feeling of travelling through them.

Chaukori is a wonderful natural destination rich in flora and fauna. Dense forests of oak, pine and rhododendron interspersed with orchards and cornfields surround the town of Chaukori. The beauty nature has bestowed on Chaukori rejuvenates ones soul. Here you can connect to Mother Nature and feel whole.There are many ancient temples around Chaukori like Kalinag, Bashukinag, Mostamanu, Nakuleshwar, Kamaksha, Kapileshwar Mahadev Caves etc. Chaukori is an ideal spot for people looking for a calm and serene getaway to lie in the lap of mother nature and enjoy peace.



Chaukori is a tiny hill station in the Pithoragarh district set among the lofty peaks, of the western Himalayan Range in the Kumaon Division of Uttarakhand, India. To the north is Tibet and to the south is Terai. More info


Places to Visit Chaukori

Patal Bhubaneshwari. 18 kms from city center 1 out of 6 Places To Visit in Chaukori. Arjuneshwar Shiva Temple. 9,045 kms from city center 2 out of 6 Places To Visit in Chaukori. Kapileshwar Mahadev. Nagmandir, Berinag. More info


Chaukori Excursions

Chaukori, a little hamlet located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttrakhand, is a perfect place for the travellers from the bothersome city life. List of Chaukori excursions and popular destinations near Chaukori Uttarakhand. More info


Chaukori Hotels

Chaukori offers scenic views of the Himalayas and many sightseeing opportunities. Chaukori offers a fair variety of accommodation facilities. In Chaukori you can find all kinds of hotels including budget hotels, luxury hotels, star hotels, etc. More info


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Nainital Corbett Tourism make sure that our taxi services in Chaukori serve all your needs and fit your budget. Our car rental service in Chaukori provides you with safe and relaxed travel by cabs, bus coaches and luxury cars in Uttarakhand. More info


How To Reach Chaukori

Being in the hill area of Kumaon region, Chaukori is still connected by all means of transportation. Chaukori can be covered by aero plane, train or motor vehicles. So this is how you can reach Chaukori by different means of transportation as below.More info


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Browse through the photo gallery of Chaukori Uttarakhand and quick travel guide to Chaukori. Chaukori has a pleasant and cool climate all through the year and Chaukori is famous for its wildlife. Chaukori Photo Gallery.More info