Switzerland of India : Auli

Kashmir is called the Earth’s Paradise, but everyone knows this, but do you know that there is a mini Swiss in India very close to Delhi. This mini Switzerland of India is so beautiful that not tired of looking at the eyes here to the foreigners. Unfortunately, those who do not know about this may feel a little bit overwhelmed by the fact that there is such a mini Switzerland in India; So tell such people that Auli, located in Chamoli of Uttarakhand, India is one of the most beautiful places of India. Seeing the laws and mountains here, you will feel that you are really traveling to Switzerland. Every year, there is no shortage of crowds coming to witness this rare gift of nature, but it keeps on growing. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy skiing on ice.

12 months Auli looks beautiful

Auli is not only in the winter season but also the tourists visiting here for twelve months. From the sunrise to the sunny hills on the snow covered with white sheet, it is worth seeing here. Auli looks beautiful at all times in a different color.

Paradise of Uttarakhand

The snow-trapped place in Chamoli is also called heaven of Uttarakhand. The whole world knows it as one of the best ski resorts. For those who wish to feel close to the beauty of nature, Auli is not less than a boon of nature.

Skiing race

Auli located in Uttarakhand is the only place, which has been authorized by the FIS for the skiing race. In fact, according to the FIS standards, slopes in the centers, alternate arrangements for snow making, good arrangements for the exclusion of foreign players etc. The situation is seen. Auli meets all these standards. There is a 1300 meter ski track for skiing, which caters to the Federation of International Skiing standards.

Ropeway’s Speciality

Gulmarg ropeway is considered to be the longest in Asia, followed by Auli-Joshimath Ropeway number. The foundation stone of this ropeway, about 4.15 km long, was laid in 1982 by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and it was completed in 1994.

Sleeping Beauty

A mountain in front of Auli takes the shape of the maiden lying on top of the snow covered with snow. To watch this scene and to capture in cameras, there is a competition. This is known only as Sleeping Beauty.

World’s highest artificial lake

The highest artificial lake in the world is located in the Auli. The lake with a capacity of 25 thousand kilometers was built in 2010. If there is no snowfall, artificial ice is made in Auli by taking water from this lake. Machines manufactured in France for this have been installed.

Chakor Bird : Pride of Ranikhet

‘Chanda Ki Chakori’ is a compilation of songs written by Premaras or ‘Shyam Chakras Shyama Chakori’ in Bhakti-ka-ras, the creation of Chakor poets symbolizing love is also the world. The pleasant aspect is this ‘Prem Pujari’, which was once targeted by predators, is gradually expanding into the the Kunwa Himalayan kingdom.

The special thing is that for the bird lovers, the tourist town of Bird Watching, the residents of the Ranikhet town of Baashinde peacock are also preserving the beautiful language of love. Referring to the songs full of love or poems Chakor has been given different importance even in the torrent of devotion. On the night, the victim of the poaching of Chakor, who has looted his moonlight was in trouble on its existence. But now the first ray of the new year brings a pleasant experience for Chanda Chakor. The bird lovers and bird watchers of the tourism city, who have taken the lead for their protection, will also write a new script for human beings and bird love.

Conservation and Monitoring Daily

In order to save the chakor that has survived due to poaching, bird lovers have increased surveillance by tourists. Bird Watcher former hockey player Dhirendra Singh Bisht, Kamal Goswami, Deepak Verma etc. have kept the campaign of protection by marking the Chakor-dominated areas in the morning and evening. They are also imprisoned in the camera and are also preparing their records. Bird Watcher says, Keeping the place safe, protecting Chakor families, giving message of bird love from Ranikhet will make it a special highlight of bird watching.

Ever two-three, now the herd of eight to ten

Human Friendly Chakor also naturally specializes in identifying toxin. In some round, only two or four were seen in the surrounding forest in Ranikhet. But the love of bird lovers and love of the villagers’ Chakor will say that this love prajari bird is now easily visible in the eight to ten. Swarm Member State Wildlife Advisory Board and well-known nature photographer Anup Sah says that the Almora, Champawat and Pithoragarh have not only increased the number of chakor on the hills of Garhwal.

Poachers will be strict on

Anoop Sah, Member State Wildlife Advisory Board informed that it is good to be aware of the initiatives of bird lovers of Ranikhet and the villagers. The chakor that gives the message of love and non-violence will be saved. Chakor family is expanding after being tracked on illegal hunting. Can say that the numbers gradually increasing. It is very important to preserve it.

Top 10 Hill Stations to Visit in Uttarakhand at Summer

The sun’s humidity is increasing day by day. In such a situation, many times your mind will be free to leave everything and run to the mountains. So, leave it now and plan to move quickly. If you live in Delhi-NCR then you have a right time and right place to visit in the summer season. Yes, for those who live here, it is very easy to get to the beautiful hill stations in Uttarakhand. And for this, you do not even need long vacations. The mountains of Uttarakhand are a good option, where you can breathe in the open air and capture beautiful scenes in your eyes.

In Uttarakhand, there are famous mountainous areas like Mussoorie, Nainital and Bhimtal but due to summer holidays there is a lot of crowding here. If you want to avoid this crowd, these 10 hill stations will prove to be good options for you:


Dhanaulti is not far from the famous hill station Mussoorie. From here you can see the views of the snow-covered mountains. If you are fond of adventure, stay in a hotel or a guest house made on high mountains here. Believe it will be fun. It takes 8 hours to reach Dhanaulti through the road from Delhi.


You may take a little longer to reach Auli but here the beauty of Auli will attracts your heart. This place is quite famous for skiing. Although in the summer you cannot skiing but you can definitely enjoy the trekking in Auli. It takes 14 hours from Delhi to reach Auli by road.


Beautiful hill station Kanatal in the thick forests of Garhwal of Uttarakhand. Most people do not know about this place yet. This is the reason why human interference in the natural environment is not equal. It takes about eight and a half hours to reach Kanatal via road from Delhi.


Binsar is a good option for those who want to see not only the mountains, but also want to get along with the wildlife. You can see leopards and migratory birds in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Not only this, you can also see the beautiful view of the Himalayas from here. It will take about 10 hours to get the binder off the road from Delhi.


Do you want to cut down from everything for a few days and spend quiet time in the lap of nature? If yes then Khirsu is the best option. Here you can see the mountain as far as you can see. It will take 9 to 9 hours to reach Khirsu via road from Delhi.


Mukteshwar is very close to Delhi and for this reason it has become a tourist tourist destination. Located in Kumaon Mandal, Mukteshwar is known for its beauty and the mountains. If you are planning to go here, do not forget to rock climbing. It takes about eight to eight hours to reach Mukteshwar via road from Delhi.

Valley of Flowers

The World Heritage of the Valley of Flowers is the site with attractive nature. For nature lovers, this place is no less than heaven. The valley of flowers in the Himalaya lap. It is believed that here many sages and monks have done penance. The best way to explore this place is to track trekkers from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria for three days. It takes 14 hours from Delhi to reach the valley of flowers through the road.


The Chaukori is surrounded by tea garden, cedar and beautiful Burundi trees. From here you can see the beautiful view of Nanda Devi Mountain. There are also a number of temples in Chaukori. Enjoy the greenery at a cozy resort here. It takes about 12 hours to reach Chaukori via the road from Delhi.


Kausani is a romantic hill station situated in the mountains of Kumaon. Mahatma Gandhi then called it the Switzerland of India It is also famous among trekkers. From here you can visit Base Kausani trek, Kailash Trek or Bageshwar-Sundarghanga trek. It takes 11 hours to reach Kausani by road from Delhi.


Another beautiful and lovable hill station in Uttarakhand is Gwaldam. From here you can go to Roopkund trek. Gwaldam is the place where memories will remain in your zen. It takes 12 hours to reach Gwaldam via road from Delhi.

Uttarakhand: Spend your summer holidays in Ranikhet

People come to cool places to plan as summer season comes. There are many options for many places to visit in front of us, but the problem comes to where we go, which place will be better. We tell you which place will be the best place in the growing summer environment. Ranikhet is a great place to roam during the summer season. Ranikhet has a unique identity in Uttarakhand. Ranikhet is known for its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Apart from this, there are many tourist places on the hill. Ranikhet is counted in the good hill stations of the country.

Ranikhet is located at an elevation of 1824 meters above sea level in Almora district of Uttarakhand. Flowers-covered roads, pine trees and tall trees in Ranikhet attract tourists on their side. You will also see snow-capped central Himalayan hills as you walk around here. The reason behind Ranikhet’s name is that hundreds of years ago a queen came here to roam here. The Queen enjoyed its natural beauty so much that she made her home here. From then on it is called Ranikhet.

Places to visit in Ranikhet

1. Golf Course – The Golf Course is one of the major attractions in Ranikhet. One of the highest golf courses in Asia is the 9-hole course at Ranikhet Golf Course.

2. Saint Bridget Church – This is the oldest church in the town of Ranikhet.

3. Kumaon Regimental Center – In this museum, weapons and flags captured in wars have been kept.

4. Rani Lake – Rani Lake is located at the bottom of the Vir Nari housing near Male Singh grounds. Sailing facility is available in this lake.

5. Binsar Mahadev– Binasar Mahadev is the temple of Lord Shiva. There is also an ashram situated in the middle of pine forest and pine forests near the temple.

6. An artificial lake situated near the Bhaludham-Bhaludham town.

7. Tadikhet – Located 8 kilometers from Ranikhet, Tarikhet village is famous for the Kuti and Golu Devata Temple.

8. Chaubatia– Khubani, peach, chestnut, almond and many garden gardens are located in Chaubatia of Ranikhet.

Nainital is the best place to roam, the cost is too low than Shimla-Manali

Nainital has several significance when the best tourist places in India is said, then name launches those things when it is intended to roam or appreciate with companions to visit in Nainital. Whether it is summer or winter, the distinctive splendor of Nainital attracts every people either domestic or foreign tourists. Nainital is covered with snow all around the winter season. From this, getting a fee, away from retreating. Come to see this excellence in winter, people do not take names from here. In the past there were more than 60 lakes in the past, the common visitors whose magnificence progressed towards becoming a mantra. Here tourists come to visit and sing for the glorious grandeur of the whole year. People living in Delhi NCR can pass through their vehicle. Only 600 to 800 rupees will be spent on lease from transport. The remaining and eating expenses here will be next to the cash.

There is no immediate air administration for Nainital. Here you can pass by vehicle or government transportation. Kathgodam railway station is 34 kilometers from which every property is accessible to Nainital. Nainital was found in 1841. At this place, the British had worked for their comfort visit and relaxation. There are mountains and dense trees all around Nainital. Nainital is flawlessly surrounded by every one of the three. High mountains, dense trees and the sea shore which enhance its excellence. Beat water is very clear, the water of the rhythm shows the shadow of the mountains and its environment. At this point when the shadow of the house’s bright light worked on the hills around the evening, when it appears in the mood, it appears that it appears that a large number of globules are found in the beat.

Depends on the nature of the shade of water here. As the climate indicates, its water shading continues to evolve. Downpour is green. It is swallowing in summer, and blue in winter. People coming from faraway look at this splendid sight some people go with their colleagues, while some people come to invest valuable time with their family. Here the roof of the water depends on the nature. As the climate indicates, its water shading continues to evolve. Downpour is green. It is swallowing in summer, and blue in winter. People coming from faraway look at this amazing sight some people go with their colleagues, while some people come to invest valuable energy with their family.

Depends on the nature of the shade of water here. As the climate indicates, its water shading continues to evolve. Downpour is green. It is swallowing in summer, and blue in winter. People coming from faraway look at this amazing sight some people go with their colleagues, while some people come to invest valuable energy with their family. Here the roof of the water depends on the nature. As the climate indicates, its water shading continues to evolve. Downpour is green. It is swallowing in summer, and blue in winter. People coming from faraway look at this amazing sight some people go with their colleagues, while some people come to invest valuable energy with their family.

The plan to stay here is also fine. A decent tavern is worth 500 to 1000 rupees. Once the fodder is accessible. Apart from this, there is a decent dinner outside the inn.

On this occasion that you are going to Nainital from your vehicle, some safety measures are to be taken at this point. Drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited in Nainital area. It is forbidden to play FM or music in the vehicle here. Even after wearing shoes and driving, there may be receipt. At the closed time that you need to go to the shopping center, make a booking on the first taxi at that point. Take delightful clothes for the climate, there is no reason. Nainital is divided into two sections. Tallital and Pallilal, the upper part is called the Parital, and the lower part is called the Taratal. Here is Naina Devi temple on Palli Lal and open ground in the field where the person comes out. The place which combines the Talllital and the Pallital is called the Mall Road. This is an incredible place for shopping.

Now tourists will be able to go to Jim Corbett from Kotdwar

Now tourists will be able to go to Jim Corbett from Kotdwar. The Central Government has given duly approval for the jungle safari on Monday. After this the department has started preparations for Safari. So far, the Center has given sanction for sanitation. Local legislator and forest minister Dr. Harak Singh Rawat have been trying for this for the past two years. They were constantly demanding the opening of the gate to the Union Forest Minister. He made detailed report for this and sent it to the Center several times. In which it was linked to Tourism Development and Garhwal’s Economy. Similarly, it was said to be a major source of employment. Given this, the Center has given due approval on this. Forest Minister Dr. Rawat said that this permission of the center was historic and said that it would encourage tourism in Kotdwar and around. Thereby, there will be boom in the hotel and resort industry and local people will get employment. They said that the reception has been made there, soon there will be a track and a safari will be started. Due to passes from Delhi and Jolly Grant Airport, tourists will come in large numbers. The government will also get good revenues.

For two years it was trying for After all, the Center has issued duly sanction. It will not only help Kotdwar but the whole of Garhwal Mandal’s tour will be a historic bounce. Local people will also get jobs.

Try This Safari in Jim Corbett national Park

Jim Corbett National Park is India’s first and oldest national park. If you are an adventure lover then this place is like heaven for you. In this park you can see Tiger even after a lot of trouble, but the safari will be full of fun here.

If you do not have much interest in adventure but you are nature lover, then you will always remember the safari experience here.

Here jeep and canter options for safari are available. You can also book them online too. Whatever you get for the safari, you will get open air so that you can get the best view.

Jeep Safari

You can decide which safari you want to take, depending on the number of people you can take. If you have few people with you then take the Jeep Safari option. There are about 6 people in it. If the jeep is small then it also reaches the small and hidden parts of the forest where you are more likely to see the tigers.

Timing: 6:00 AM – 9.30 AM

Evening: 6:00 AM – 9.30 AM

Cantor Safari

Cantor can accommodate 16 people, and this budget is friendly. People who want less adventure can take this safari. This safari is best with family and children.


SubShell – 6:00 AM – 11.50 AM

12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Map of Jim Corbett National Park

Lohaghat : Real Diamond in Uttarakhand

It is said that to see the nature closely and to have true happiness of staying in his lap, then Uttarakhand is absolutely perfect. Uttarakhand is a popular destination among state tourists, but when it comes to touring, it is only in the minds of the tourists that there are only snarls, Nainital, Dehradun, Chopta, Auli, and Valley of Flowers, whereas there are many such secret places in Uttarakhand, which are still untouched by the tourists. That is, compared to other places, the tourists tend to stay in these secret places. Although these are the places are very beautiful Any wonder about the beauty of this and the tourist destinations here. There is only one such place in Uttarakhand, Lohaghat.

‘Not in Kashmir, real heaven is in Lohaghat’

Though Lohaghat may not be a popular destination, but you can plan your trip here. Believe me, once you go here, everything here will always be settled in the heart and mind. The beauty of Lohaghat can be gauged from the fact that once the Nainital explorer and Chinese businessman P. Barron came here, he had said, “Why to visit Kashmir if heaven is somewhere in the world then it is here in Lohaghat.

Religious beliefs make popular

Lohaghat is located on the bank of the river Lohavati in Champawat district of Uttarakhand and it is famous for the temples. There are some religious and historical beliefs related to this place that make it the center of attraction among the tourists. The special thing is that there are many popular tourist spots around Lohaghat, such as Shyamala Tal, Devidhura, Gurudwara Reeta Sahib, Abbott Mount, Vansasur Fort, Mayawati (Advaita) Ashram and Forty Village.

Attractions of Lohaghat

Advaita Ashram

One of the main attractions here is the Advaita Ashram, which is located in Mayawati. It is a branch of Ramkrishtha Math Branch, surrounded by beautiful trees of cedar, rhododendron, pine and oyster, and offers people the immense pleasure and beauty of the people coming here. The establishment of this ashram was done in 1899 by the inspiration of Swami Vivekananda by his disciple Swami Swarupanand and an English disciple. Swami Vivekananda also stayed for some days in this ashram.

Fort of Banasur

There is also an attraction of Lohaghat. The fort of Banasur is situated about 7 kilometers away. It is believed that this is the place where Lord Shri Krishna killed the monster named Banasur. On one side of this fort there are high peaks of the Himalayas and Advaita Ashram and other tourist places on the other side.

Abbott Mount

This place was searched independently by an Englishman named John Abbott, and that’s why this place had the name Abbott Mount. With a stabilized about at an altitude of 7 thousand feet, you can enjoy an splendid view of the snow-covered hills of the Himalayas. There are about 13 cottages, where the adventure of living is different.

How to reach Lohaghat

By Flight:

The nearest airport of Lohaghat is Pantnagar Airport which is located 182 kilometers from the city. For going to Lohaghat, a taxi or can can be rented from Pantnagar.

By road:

If you are planning to go by road, then you will not have to face any of the difficulties because Lohaghat is connected from other places through the roads. For this, buses from Anand Vihar bus stand of Delhi are also available which will bring you either Lohaghat or Tanakpur.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station of Lohaghat is Tanakpur, which is 87 kilometers from Lohaghat. Here you can book a taxi or taxi for your destination.

Map of Lohaghat

Best time to Visit Lohaghat

Talk about the best time to visit Lohaghat, there is a happy season for a year, and you can go any month, but summer and winter will be better. The summer season in Lohaghat lasts from April to June, after which the rain starts. It is better that in the summer, you plan the tour of Lohaghat between April and June.

Talking about winters, winters in Lohaghat start from October and end till the end of March. During this time the temperature ranges from 2 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy your Summer days in Almora’s Destinations

Children’s summer holidays are nearby, and you too may have been thinking of moving some time out of your busy life and going somewhere. If you are looking for a place to spend holidays in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere away from the crowd, then today we will tell you about the places where one cult will be cut off. That is, you will also get involved with the family and you will also get rest. Come on, these five places of charming Almora.

Golu Devta

Golu Devta is worshiped as the God of the largest and quick justice in local culture. They are called as Dynasty goddesses. The special thing about this beautiful temple is that you can fulfill your wish by writing a letter to God. Here you will find millions of letters and bells. This temple is located on Pithoragarh Highway, 8 km from Almora.

Jageshwar Dham

Jageshwar is the main religious place of Almora. Peace is realized as soon as you reach Jageshwar in a thick forest about 35 kilometers from Almora. Jageshwar is calculated in twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Around 125 temples have been built between the 7th century and the 18th century. It is said that the worship of Lord Shiva’s gender form begins with Jageshwar. Jageshwar is also called ‘Kumaon ka Kashi’.

Kasar Devi Temple

Kasar Devi Temple is situated in Kasar Devi village, about 8 km away from Almora. This famous temple situated on the Kashyap Mountain is made of the second century. In this temple built on a cave, the mother Durga was literally revealed. In this temple, one of the eight forms of Goddess Durga is worshiped ‘Devi Katyayani’.

Kainchi Dham

The world-renowned ‘Kainchi Dham‘ is located on the way to Almora, which is located in Nainital. The Kainchi dham is the main temple of Hanuman ji. This temple is also known for ‘Neem Karoli Baba’. Those who are called Hanuman ji’s second form on earth.

How to Reach Almora – Best Time to visit Almora

To go to Almora, you can reach Kathgodam or Ramnagar from the train. From here or from the taxi, Almora can reach 3 to 4 hours. Time to go from Almora to March to June or from September to December There is considerable rains in the months of July and August.

Top 5 destinations in Uttarakhand that failed Europe in beauty

In India, Uttarakhand is one of the most famous tourism destinations for every visitor throughout the world. Either summer or winter, you can visit this beautiful hill and mountainous destination, which can give tough competition on beauty and Tourism to Europe also. The beauty of Uttarakhand Tourism is indefinable.

Tourists from all over the world come to see the pleasant nature of Uttarakhand, the Himalayas, the lake-waterfalls and the locks. Either Nainital or Mussoorie, these cities are full of tourists every time, every months, every year. About the natural beauty of Uttarakhand, it is said that further beauty of Europe also fails. Let’s make a trip to five tourist destinations in Uttarakhand which is visited by the tourists from whole around the world.


Auli is called India’s Mini Switzerland. This mini Switzerland of India is so beautiful that the exotic eyes do not see here. This mini Switzerland is located in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. Seeing the laws and mountains here, you will feel that you are really traveling to Switzerland. Every year, there is no shortage of crowds coming to witness this rare gift of nature, but it keeps on growing. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy skiing on ice. Auli is not only in the winter season but also the tourists’ tourists visiting here for twelve months. From sunrise to sunrise hills on the snow covered with white sheet, it is worth seeing here.


Devprayag is at an altitude of 830 meters above sea level. Devprayag distance from Rishikesh is just 70 kilometers away. This beautiful place is situated at the confluence of the Alaknanda-Bhagirathi river. It is said that Devprayag is one of the Panch Prayags of Godland Uttarakhand. It is believed that when King Bhagirath celebrated the Ganga to descend on the earth, 33 crore Goddesses along with the Ganga also descended from heaven to Devprayag. This is the place where there is a confluence of the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda river. There are huge devotees in Devprayag. It is a very beautiful place where the beautiful and tranquil atmosphere makes it easy for the devotees and tourists.


Tapovan is 6 kilometers from Gangotri glacier. The wonderful views here give the tourists the heart of the tourists. Himalaya peaks are seen extending far away from Tapovan. Tapovan is also called paradise. Camping is here for mountaineering. There is a Tapovan near Goom’s Tracking where millions of foreign tourists are excited for trekking every year. From Nandvanvan, there is a great view of peaks like Shivling, Bhagirathi, Kedar Dome, Thalya Sagar and Sudarshan. Tourists here are tracking and capping at Satopant, Kharkhund, Kalindi Kali, Meru and Kedar dome. In addition to tracking, tourists also climb on mountain ranges and rock climbing. The paddy and pine trees filled with greenery are very attractive to tourists.

Valley of Flower

Have you heard of the valley of flowers situated in Uttarakhand? Here every year lakhs of tourists visit and enjoy its beauty. It is a national park situated in Chamoli district of Garhwal region. It has been declared the World Heritage Site. The valley of flowers is spread over 87.50 km area. It was declared a National Park by UNESCO in 1982. Surrounded by glacial mountains, this valley is very beautiful. Here you will find more than 500 species of flowers. This area is very famous for gardening experts and flower lovers.


Every year on the Mukteshwar Dham, about 46 kilometers from Nainital, tourists visit the beautiful plaintiffs in winter. The first snowfall of this year was witnessed on December 16 after which the happiness of the people who roamed around there doubled. After this snowfall, the expectations of the traders there has increased more than ever before. In fact, there are huge numbers of people who enjoy the snowfall, which benefit their hotel and food business.

So take a weekend time to visit these beautiful destination during mainly summer season to enjoy the cool flow of wind.