Time to spend between nature with ease, then Lansdown is a very good place

If there is a hill station near the metropolis, then for today’s running life, it is not less than good on gold. Tourist places in Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh for Delhi people are among the most favorite weekends getaway. Especially, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Nainital, Shimla, Manali etc. But here too, the crowd also grunts the fun of the holidays. Among them, Lansdowneof Uttarakhand is a little different, where it comes with ease, a chance to spend time between nature.

The famous Chinese philosopher Lao Suo had said that there is no definitive plan for a good traveler and neither they desire or wants to reach somewhere. They just wants to stay on the go. Our group of strollers also wanted something similar. That’s why there is no chance that the mind gets excited to come out of the city. The plan to go to Lansdowne on weekends also became the same. About 270 km from Delhi the hilly terrain located at a distance is still largely left by the crowd of tourists. We took the Delhi-Meerut-Bijnor-Kotdwar route. The darkness of the night was shrouding and it was about to be lighted, which did not take long to get out of the city. After that, the sight of the washed-out sky and the green fields seemed to be calm and lighter, as if you were old and got something new. After nearly two hours’ journey passed, everyone was calling for tea. We all stayed on a dinner, which was no less than a hotel. At the same time, table decorations in the lawn and everyone made hot tea-coffee-breakfast and then moved towards the destination.

Places to visit and Things to do in Lansdowne

The car was moving in full speed while talking to the air. Some musicians were enjoying sleep with music, then some were drowned in memories. Time was not late and we were about to reach Kotdwar. From there, about 40 km from Lansdowne was away. Most of the group’s companions were mountain climbers, so all the mountains were awaiting the arrival of the river. The excitement was growing so that the mountains could not be seen so far? But as soon as Kotdwar left behind, landscaping began to change. The plains are lost in the mountains. When the car was removed, the touch of the wind had also changed. Garhwal’s Himalaya was in front and the amazing natural look around was a magic influence on everyone. Lansdowne distance is 10 km I was left alone. In a short time, we had entered a different world surrounded by clouds. However, this was affecting visibility and was pointing to the companion sitting in the driving seat that the car must be run carefully. Because the entire valley was covered with a sheet of clouds. It was difficult to assume this feeling within himself that the nature near Delhi could be so negligible. However, soon after we entered the resort, which was our halt for the next two days.

Boating in Bhulla Tal

As we were expecting and what was told Lansdowne is a very quiet and picturesque site. There are more moments of relaxation here than in activity. That’s why we decided to go on foot in the area. Let us tell you that this hill station is also the command office of the Indian Army’s Garhwal Rifles. Perhaps there is a reason that the natural beauty of this place, located at an elevation of 1707 meters, is still intact. There are only a few attractions for tourists, including Bhulla Tal. This is a man-made lake, constructed by the Garhwal Rifles. Boating can be enjoyed in it. If you want to sit around the lake, you can enjoy the surroundings. There is a small handicraft showroom nearby, where the items of silk and cotton are found. There are many such points here, where potatoes can take food from Tikki and eat food according to your taste. By the way, do not forget to tastes the army bakery of the local bakery. They are quite tasty even when they are cheap.

Experience Peace in Saint Mary Church

The name of Lansdowne is named after Lord Lansdowne, the Viceroy of India between 1888 and 1894. Due to the presence of the British, the St. Mary Church is very popular here. After entering the Gothic style church in the middle of the pine and pine forest, experience immense peace. Due to being situated on a mountain peak, this church has its own unique thrill of watching the entire valley and the Himalayas. Looking at white clouds, greenery-rich forests and distant stays away, it looks as if it is a huge canvas of a painter. None of us agreed to go here, so have spent more than scheduled time. At the time the time was short and it was ahead to go.

Observe the Valley from Tiffin Top

We had to go to St Mary’s Church for a peak of the mountain, which is also called Snow View Point of Tiffin Top (Tiffany Top) i.e. Lansdowne. This is also a place, where, except for your concerns, thoughts can be reduced to zero for hours. We did the same. To see the movements of smiling trees on the silent mountains, whose bunds of wind was ever in the air, and sometimes the waves of the birds woke up. At the same time, seeing the white Himalayas with curiosity was also a unique feeling. By the way, on this trek you have to keep in mind that if you do not come in contact with a toxic tree or plant.

On the first day of Darshan Shiva in Tarakeswar temple, we took measurements of most popular places. There was no plan of the next day. Therefore, without the burden of the mind, all of them decided to sleep properly. When we got up in the morning, the sunlight welcomed us warmly and filled the new zeal with its rays. We felt how fast this pause is necessary for a few moments between nature in fast pace life. Well, keeping in mind the time, we got ready and came out to see the 600-year-old Shiva Temple located in Tarakeswar, which is about 40 km from Lansdowne. was away. The road was good, but driving the car in the plains is very different experience here. After finally car parking 100 meters away from the temple, we headed towards some slopes, where the first main gate was found and then the temple. The whole area is covered with dense pine trees, where many times the sun does not reach the light. In this way, the entire journey was marked as a memento in the mind-brain.

Darwan Singh Museum

In addition to the natural scenes, knowing about Garhwal Rifles was not less unforgettable for us by the valuable inscriptions kept in Darawan Singh Museum and the valuable collections of objects that represents the history of Garhwal at Lansdowne. Whose name is given to this museum Darwan Singh, he was one of the first Indians to be awarded the Victoria Cross by the British and Commonwealth Forces. Yes, let us tell you that in this museum, children under 10 years of age are not allowed to go and neither can they be photographed inside. It is also closed for a few hours in the afternoon. Outside the museum there is a beautiful park, where different types of flowers will gives you a heart full of pleasure. There is also a huge Parade Ground of Garhwal Regiment, where no one is allowed to go.

How to reach Lansdowne?

Airplane: From Jolly Grant airport located in Dehradun, a taxi can be reached to Lansdowne which is located at 160 Km away from the airplane terminal.

Rail: You can take taxi from Kotdwar railway station.

Road: It is most convenient to go via Delhi via road. Being a good road it can be reached comfortably in 5 to 6 hours.

Best Time to Visit Lansdowne

The weather here is usually pleasant. Well it would be best to go between March to June. Cold is more in December to February.

Fun in Summer Holidays at Nainital

Summer holidays have started. In such a situation, you can visit a hill station with your family. Nainital is also a best place to roam these days. Now the temperature is running around 18 degree Celsius. There is no colder or more heat. Some places in Nainital have settled at a very high level, after going where you will have a different experience. Nainital Corbett Tourism – offers to roam there with an initial package for Nainital Tourism. Know more about Nainital’s Top Destinations.

Nainital Lake

Most of the tourists visit Nainital Lake and ride boat on it. The beautiful hills and the adjoining plains increase the joy of boat riding in the lake. The first thing that comes here is the boating. Along with the fun, you can feel spirituality also by visiting Naina Devi temple, gurudwara, mosque and church.

The Mall Road

The Mall Road runs alongside Nanny Lake. Nainital is the largest center for food, culture and shopping.

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple is located on the hill at the height of 1219 meters from sea level. It was built in the 8th century by King Birchand. Here you will also meet with Naina Devi as well as the philosophy of Mata Kali and Lord Ganesha.

Snow view point

It is one of the Tourist’s most preferred places. Located at an altitude of 2270 meters, this point looks amazing in the Himalayas. It is 3 km from Nainital. If you are interested in tracking, you will get an opportunity to get adventure here. Otherwise you can go up to the top of the taxi.

Naina Peak

It is also called China Peak. From here you can see the views of the Tibet border and the Naina Devi Peak. This is Nainital’s tallest tourist spot. Due to high altitude and dense jungle, this is the tourist’s preferred destination for tracking. Situated 3 km from Nainital, Snow View Point offers a magical view of the mountains.

Khurpa Tal

Khurpa Tal is about 11 km away from Nainital. An amazing view of nature is seen here. You can capture pictures here in your memories.

Tiffin Top

It is 5 km from Nainital. Located on the highway of 2300 meters, you can capture many beautiful scenes from this hill of Tiffin Top in your memories.

Also don’t forget these places to visit in Nainital

Apart from this, you can also visit Bhimtal Lake, Nainital Zoo, Eco Cave Gardens, Mukteshwar Temple, Tiffin Top, Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, Governor House, Hanuman Garhi, and much more.

Map of Nainital

Take Weekend Tour to Binsar in Uttarakhand

Often it happens that the city’s fortunes get bored. In such a situation, it seems to be refreshing to leave at such a quiet place. If you also want to go to some such place, then Binsar of Uttarakhand can be the most perfect place. Come on, know what’s special here.

Binsar is situated about 33 km from Almora. ‘Binsar‘ is a fortified word, which means ‘Nav Prabhat’. Surrounded by pine forests, this entire area has now become a wild sanctuary. The hill peaks like Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Panacholi, Trishul etc. can be seen from the ‘Zero Point’ located here. Some of the other places to visit in Binsar are as follows:

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of ​​approximately 49.59 sq km. Binsar provides protection to many species of animals with various hill vegetation. Here, leopards, wild, wild cat, bear, fox, barking deer, musk deer etc. are found in wildlife. At the same time, more than 200 species of birds are present here. Monal, the state bird of Uttarakhand, is famous, which is now rarely seen. Apart from this you can see birds, parrots, eagles, woodpeckers etc. also here.

Temple of Binsar Mahadev

Surrounded by dense pine forests, here is a beautiful temple that is known as ‘Binsar Mahadev‘. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shivji, which is considered as one of the sacred destinations for Hindus. During the month of June every year, Maha-yagya is organized by the Shiv devotees.

Ranikhet Hill Station

Near Binsar, Ranikhet is one of the beautiful hill stations of Almora. This entire mountainous area is surrounded by pine trees and acorn trees. From here you can easily see many Himalayan peaks. This entire mountainous area is full of natural peace. By coming here, you will be able to experience a lot of mental and spiritual peace. Ranikhet is considered to be a good place to play ‘golf’. Here located one of the best golf course of Asia.

How to reach Binsar

You can reach Binsar through all three routes.

the nearest airport is ‘Pantnagar’, which is situated at a distance of about 152 km.

You can come to Kathgodam railway station for the railway route. Which is linked to many important cities of India.

You can also reach Binsar by roadways through Delhi .

Visit these Destinations of Uttarakhand To Enjoy the days of Summer

Everyone is running towards the mountains to get rid of the rising temperature in the heat. Uttarakhand is the favorite place of people living in Delhi and its surroundings. There are many such best destinations in this region which entice tourists. But we are going to tell you about the destination which few people know.


Best Tourist Destination in everything you can do with the vast green grasslands, tranquil atmosphere and warmth. Natural beauty will be seen all around. You can do the vision of Nanda Devi temple and Nanda Devi Mountain in ​​Ranikhet.


This rhythm with nine corners has many secrets alongside it. It is said that if anyone sees with nine corners of this rhythm then salvation is attained. Because of these nine corners of the rhythm, this place has been named Naukuchiatal. Here, many tourists gather at the weekends.

Mandal forest

Uttarkhand Mandal village is the best destination for the holidays. Mandal village is located in Chamoli district. Here you will find very beautiful beauty of nature. Here you will feel the peace and comfort.


The fir trees, the colorful flowers, made on this side of the road, make this place as beautiful as the Paradise. Here you will get a chance to be both religious and historical in both historical and religious culture.

Get the Virtue of Chardham in Patal Bhuvaneshwar Cave

Patal Bhuvaneshwar Cave is situated in Bhuvaneshwar village of Gangolihat, Uttarakhand. This cave is present in Pithoragarh district. On your weekend holidays, you can get a unique experience here. It is believed that there is a virtue of praying here for Char Dhams.

Thirty-three million Gods exists in Patal Bhuvaneshwar Cave

In the mythology and folklore about this underground cave, it is said that there are Lord Shiva and thirty-three million Gods present here. This cave is 160 meters long and 90 feet deep from the entrance. There are many types of figures made from lime stone here. There is also a system of electricity in this cave. This cave made of water flow is not just a cave, but a series of caves.

This cave was discovered by King Rituparna, who was the king of the Surya dynasty and ruled in Ayodhya during the Treta Era. It has been described in the ‘Manas section’ of Skanda Purana that Adi Shankaracharya had visited this cave in 1191 AD. This was the beginning of the modern history of pilgrimage in Bhuvaneshwar.

One thousand feet elephant in Patal

Iron chains are used to go inside the cave. The remaining serpent can be seen holding the earth in the cave. Along with it, it is a Shivalinga which is constantly moving upward. It is said that when this Shivalinga touches the caves roof then the world will end. A thousand feet elephant is also made in this cave.

It is believed that this cave opens on the Kailash Mountain. It is also believed that after the war, Pandavas had done penance in this cave before the last visit.

Where to stay in Patal Bhuvaneshwar

You can stay in Pithoragarh based hotels near Patal Bhuvaneshwar – Pine Resort, Hotel Uttarakhand Kausani, The Palatal Resort etc.

How to Reach Patal Bhuvaneshwar

The distance of Patal Bhuvaneshwar from Dehradun to 223 km is. You can go to Roseways bus, taxi or even from your vehicle to Bhubaneswar. This is the route to go to Patal Bhubaneswar- Dehradun- Haldwani- Almora- Badhechhina-Dhaulchina- Seraghat-Rainagar-Gangolihat- Patal Bhuvaneshwar.

Chaukori – Best Hill Station Near Delhi

Month of May has been started and the holidays are knocking. The roaming will be already planned but if the destination is yet to be settled, a magnificent tourist place of Uttarakhand is waiting for you to cool down and relax in this hot season. If you live in Delhi or come from any area of ​​NCR and thinking about visiting the Hill Station, this place ‘Chaukori’ is waiting for you. Let us tell you what is that place and how many days and how much money you can spent there by passing memorable time.

To spend time with family or your life partner, one destination from Uttarakhand is present in front of you, but the best and different is that (Chaukori). About 530 km from Delhi, Chaukori in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand can be a memorable trip for you.

Here the scenes between the pine forest, pine barge and the greenery of the rhododendron trees will not be less than a heaven for you. The greenery on the one hand and the beauty of the mountains of Tibet immersed in the snow on the other side, on the one hand corn fields and fruit plantation Chaukori on the other hand offer a different form than all other hill stations. Coming here with the family will give you a new freshness. Here you will experience a different peace on visiting the temples such as Dhaulinag, Beshukinag, Nakuleshwar Mahadev, and Kapileshwar Mahadev. Not only this, when visiting to Chaukori, you can also visit the hill station like Gangolihat, Berinag and Bageshwar.

How to Reach Chaukori

The Pantnagar airport is the nearby airport to Chaukori which lies at 250 kilometers away. From here, you will get a taxi easily to Chaukori. If you plan to go by train, Kathgodam is the nearest train station to Chaukori which lies at 180 kms away. If you come here on a romantic trip or with a family member, Chaukori trip will be memorable for you.

Mukteshwar – Place with Many Season in Day

There is a big difference between Mayanagri City – Mumbai and “Land of Lord Shiva – Mukteshwar“, a city of Mumbai is located on the coast of the sea, on the other hand, Mukteshwar is at an altitude of 7500 feet above sea level near Nainital, but Mumbai fashion and the color of Mukteshwar are said to change shape several times throughout the day. In the same way, the song written by Anand Bakshi in the movie ‘Sindoor’, describes the connection between the climate of this place (Mukteshwar) and love, and in the same way there is a difference in the climate here.

On August 15, there will be five observation seasons on Independence Day in this beautiful place of Mukteshwar. People say that it does not seem to be continuous for many days in Savannah. In the rainy season due to the interruption of Saturday and Sunday, there was a brightness in the faces of the businessman and the people here.

Tourists coming from the nearest destination of Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon prefer to stroll through the apple trees and spend some time in the dense forest of pine trees and special flowers located in the high region of the Himalayas of Mukteshwar. With the arrival of the main tourist spot Chauli’s mesh, the people of the country took great pleasure in the lap of the Goddess with the Self, but due to repeated communication, they could not communicate with their mobile phones. Explain that Kisna, Baaz – Bird in Danger, Sirf Tum and Masoom films have been shot here at this beautiful site adjacent to these litigations.

Sometimes sunshine, sometimes shade, sometimes rain, then the arrival of the clouds was so appreciated that it was not possible to see snow clad peaks. Himalaya View Point made in many places here is now a show piece. It is said that the 450 km-long Himalayan range from October-November to February-March is clearly visible here.

Special things in Mukteshwar

It is said that due to the adaptation of the weather in research, the Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory was established in 3000 acres in the British rule, which was renamed Imperial Institute of Veterinary Research in 1925. After Independence, its name was named Indian Veterinary Research Institute.

The objective was to protect animals from infectious diseases and protect them. The responsibility for preserving and increasing mountain animals was also assigned, but the local population is unhappy that, despite having such a large national institution, their animals cannot be treated on time or there are medicines available as needed.

Plans to nearby beautiful destination to Delhi: Didihat

There is a district in the beautiful pleadings of Uttarakhand, where people can go roaming in any season. Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand is known for its beauty. Here the beauty of the snowy peaks of the mountains fascinate people. It is said that this place was once used to be part of the moon. Many temples and old ruins are still present in the mountains, which the salonis are very keen to see. The most famous among all these natural things is Didihat. It is the hill station of Pithoragarh district. Here you can make your holidays memorable. You can spend a good time with your family or friends. Adventure can also be enjoyed with natural beauty as well. Let’s tell you how beautiful is Pithoragarh.


Didihat is the mountainous region here. The weather here is very pleasant. Here you can come in any month. Well the best time to come here is from September to February. In these months you can enjoy a lot of natural beauty here.

Walking the Didihat means going for the journey of Paradise. Those who are attached to nature can take advantage of this place right away. If you are an amateur of adventure, here you will get a chance to do different types of adventure. Here you can enjoy trekking, hiking, camping. After spending some time here you will feel refreshed yourself.

Apart from this, you can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas by going to places around here. Here you can pick up some favorite accessories from the local market.

How to reach Didihat

Uttarakhand Transport Corporation Pithoragarh has started a new bus service for Delhi-Pithoragarh, so you can easily come here in a day. Not only this, it leaves for Pithoragarh at 5:30 in the morning, for Delhi. If there is no Traffic congestion on the way, then the buses will be transported to the Delhi – Anandvihar bus station by the evening on the same day.

Most Beautiful Hill Station in Uttarakhand: Ranikhet

To take some time in the summer, to move the body and mind to relax, it must definite to take a tour or go for a trip. A trip in any beautiful place can help you make your mind free from stress. If you do not get enough time in busy life, then there is no problem if you can decide something. Today, we are going to tell you about a place where there are mountains, there is also good weather and there is also the beauty of nature to calm the mind. The biggest thing is that the city is not far away.

In Uttarakhand, a beautiful hill station is located which is named as Ranikhet. Ranikhet has a distinct identity in Uttarakhand. Ranikhet is known for its beauty and peaceful environment which attracts both local and foreign tourists every day. Apart from this, there are many tourist sites here. Ranikhet is counted in the good hill stations of the country. Ranikhet is located at an altitude of 1824 meters in Almoradistrict of Uttarakhand. Trees covered with flowers, cedar trees and tall trees in Ranikhet are enough to impress your mind. You will also see the hills of Himalayas in the middle of the Himalayas as you move around here.

Places to visit in Ranikhet

St. Bridget Church is the oldest church in Ranikhet.

– The weapons and flags captured in wars in the Kumaon Regimental Center Museum are kept.

Rani Lake Nar Singh is situated on the ground near the plains, under the Kumari house.

Binsar Mahadev is the temple of Lord Shiva. There is also an ashram located between the pine forest and pine forests near the temple.

– Located eight kilometers away from Ranikhet, Tadikhet is famous for Gandhi Kuti and Golu Devta Temple.

– There are many gardens of Khumani, peach, almond and apple in Chaubatia of Ranikhet.

Keep these five things in mind while Visiting Ranikhet

Today and tomorrow, he is planning to go on trekking to the hill watchers. If you are one of them and have made plans and have put special clothes for it, then tell them that nothing is going to empty clothes. Apart from this, you also need to take care of all the things. In such a way, today we will tell you about all the things which will not spoil the fun of your trip.

  • The first thing that you have to take care of is that wherever you are going to be tracking, you should first know about which places there are tracking and where it is forbidden to go. If no place is as beautiful, if there is a ban on trekking there, do not go there at all.
  • If you do not want to have fun with Trip, if you are alone on the track or always keep the luggage that is taking you in the group. Keep the things you need in your bag. Such as medicines, torches, umbrellas etc. The extravagant bag will increase the weight of the bag and will increase your trouble on the way.
  • Go along with the guide on tracking. If you are going alone, take guidance from the guide. Follow those same paths. Any new way can put you in trouble. Never underestimate the guides.
  • You must have heard many people complaining of pain in the feet after coming from tracking. So when you are on track, start running and jogging it a few days before, so that you do not have much trouble coming back.

Ranikhet Map