My Experience of Nainital Visit with My Friends

I love traveling with my friends and close ones. That’s why I’m touring different cities. This time my friend asked me to visit some famous places in Nainital. Nainital is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. I’ve been there four times. Two of my friends from Kishor and Anupam were also there to accompany me to Nainital. The next morning, we left Nainital by car. We arrived at Nainital in eight hours by placing a 290 km road trip from Dehradun. On the way there we booked the hotel in advance. Upon arrival at the hotel, we have just rested.

Earned pleasure by taking a dip bath in Naini Lake

The first day, we plan to go to the Naina devi temple. We arrived there by car from the hotel. There are two eyes in the temple, which represent Naina Devi. There, we accept the offer and request votes. Then we went to the Tibet market and went shopping. We also went to Naini Lake. This lake is one of the 64 power banks. We dive there. It is said that by immersing yourself in it, you get the same virtue as swimming in the Mansarovar River. Then we went to Suicide Point. It sounds dangerous to hear but it is so beautiful to see. We take many pictures there. We also went to Lovers Point later. This is right next to the suicide point. The weather was pretty good there. From there we did not waste time, we went to the AC cave near Barapatthar. Fewer people know it until now. There is an automatic natural air conditioner in the summer. We felt this in the cave, then we were surprised. Well, after returning from there we went back to Mall Road. There we ate Maggi and went to the hotel.

The fun of boating in Bhimtal

On the second day, first we went to Bhimtal. It is 22 km from the lake Nainital. is far. We did boating there. Then we went to the cushion. The water of that pool was clean and warm. It is also known as the rhythm of hot water. People say that the lake water lukes in winter. There the weather was great. After this we went to seven lanes, which is a group of seven lakes. After staying there for a while, we went to Naukuchiatal. It is 983 meters long and 693 meters broad and 40 meters deep. There are nine corners in the rhythm. We have seen all the corners.

Write a letter and ask for the wishes

After having fun, we went to Bhakti Dham Ashram for worship. There are many Hindu temples of gods and goddesses. There is a statue of Hanuman Ji 20 feet tall, which is very attractive. Satsang Hall is built there. We saw Mata Vaishno cave there. There is a box placed in the temple, in which people request a nomination through a letter. We also write a letter and put it in the box. Then we went back to the hotel.

Natural caves seen with wooden museum

On the third day we went to the Botanical Garden. We also saw birds of various species there. There we saw a wooden museum. We also saw a musical fountain and took selfie. After this we went out to the Cave Garden. It is also known as ‘Eco Cave Garden‘. There we saw the nature-made Tiger Cave, Panther Cave, Bat Cave, Squirrel Cave, Flying Fox Cave and Ape Cave. Well, that was the last day of our trip, so we came back to pack the goods at the hotel and settled in the heart of the beautiful plaintiffs returned to their cities.

Nainital Tourism 2019

The best destinations to visit in summer are the mountains. If you are planning to roam in Delhi’s scorching heat then there is nothing better than Uttarakhand. Both of these states are not far from Delhi and you can spend the holidays here in the beautiful pledges. If you have planned to visit Nainital then first know where to turn here. Actually, many times we go to a city to roam, but we do not know where the famous tourist spots are there? There is a possibility of wandering and you spend too much money. If you want to roam in a budget, take information about the tourist spots in these places.

Places to visit in Nainital

Naina Devi Temple

There is a large tree of peepal at the entrance to the temple. Here, Mother Parvati is called Nanda. This temple is situated at a distance of two kilometers from Nainital bus stand. It is believed that the mother’s eyesight is emanating from the pain of eye disease.

Naini Lake

The main attraction of Nainital is Naini Lake. It has also been called Trishi Sarovar in the Skanda Purana. It is said that when Atri, Pulastya and Pulaha Rishi did not get any water in Nainital then they dug a pit and brought water from Mansarovar lake and filled it in it. It is said in this lake that by plunge here, virtue gets as much as the mansarovar meets with bath in the river.


Jeolikot is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The beauty of the Jeolikot attracts tourists on its side. Here, during the day hot and cold at night. The sky is usually clean and the night is full of stars. It is said that a long time ago Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda have also traveled here. Tourists can enjoy the festivals and festivals of the villages here. A few kilometers away are Kumaon Lake, Binsar, Kausani, Ranikhet and Corbett National Park.

Sattal Lake

Sattal Lake is a beautiful lake located 23 km from Nainital. These lakes are located in Uttarakhand. To reach this pace, there is the main road of Bhimtal. The distance from Sattal to Bhimtal is only 4 kms. is. Today, another way has started to go from the village of Mahra. Satara only 7 km from the mahra village. is far. In this rhythm, navigation specialists have received special facilities. This cadence has been declared an important salt area on behalf of the tourism department. Beautiful arrangements have been made to sit on each corner of the pool. Nana flowers, vineyards have been planted around all the rhythms. In addition to sitting, ‘Sattal’ has been created as a paradise like the ‘staircase’ and ‘beautiful’ bridges. This rhythm is truly paramount in terms of beauty. Here is the temple of Naukuchia Devi.

Naukuchia Tal

Naukuchiatal is located at an elevation of 1292 meters from the surface of 4 km south-east sea from Bhimtal. The distance of this rhythm from Nainital is 26.2 kilometers. It is 9 83 meters long, 6,93 meters wide and 40 meters deep. This nine-pointed rhythm has its own special significance. Its crooked rams are nine corners. The people of this zone believe that if a person sees the nine corners of this rhythm with the same vision, then salvation is attained. But the reality is that more than seven corners can not be seen at once.

Do not Forget to Visit Chaukori when Visiting Pithoragarh

Chaukori is a small town located in Berinag Tehsil of the Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand, 530 km from Delhi. Its height is 2010 meters above sea level. Tibet lies in the northern part of Chaukori and the Terai area lies in the south. This place is also located near the western Himalayas.

It is said that all mountain resorts are similar to the view, but each mountain has its own beauty. If you talk about Chaukori, then the matter is different. On one side is the tall hill with vegetation and snow-covered hills on the other side. If the reddening of the sun falls on these snow-capped mountains, then it seems that we have arrived in the golden country. Every view here brings relief to the heart. Fresh air circulates new sophistication in the body, explains the beauty of the square.

In the beauty of Chaukori, corn produces the fruits of corn and fruits. Passengers traveling to Chaukori can go down to the temple of the meteoric goddess. This temple is located near the rest house for tourists on the Pithoragarh-Chandak road. Similarly, beautiful stone carvings of God can be seen in the temple of Ghansera Devi.

Patal Bhuvaneshwar

In the nearby village Bhubaneswar, at 1350 m from sea level. The palace located above is a temple built in a cave, Bhubaneswar. Since this temple is dedicated mainly to Lord Shiva, it is believed that there is a residence of 33 crore goddesses in this cave.

Places to Visit in Chaukori

Kamaksha Temple and Kedar Temple

Kamaksha Mandir and Kedar Mandir are other famous pilgrimages in Chaukori. Travelers who come to this beautiful mountain station are suggested to arrive in the summer months or in the first months.

How to Reach Chaukori

Buses are available to Chaukori from the large cities of Uttarakhand. The Kathgodam train station is the nearest train station. There is a taxi service available for Chaukori.

Prepare the Corbett National Park for the thrilling journey

The Corbett National Park has already begun to receive tourists. The park has been opened for tourists now. For the safety of visitors, the drones will be tracked by tourists. All the doors of both parks will be opened from November 15. Reservation permits will be scrutinized strictly, as there is no fraud in the online reservation. The administration has also started taking GST from tourists who make reservations online. Every year before the monsoon, the Corbett National Park will be closed. Although the Corbett Park gate is open for 12 months, this is only a one-day visit.

Now the Corbett National Park management has prepared to open Forest Rest House for all Gate and Night Stay along with Day Visit from November 15. This time, the help of drones will also be taken to monitor the tourists. Also, booking permits will be strictly examined to deal with those who make booking bookings through pseudonym names.

Day Visit and Night Stay Facility at Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park can be entered from Jhirna, Bijrani, Dhangadhi, Durga Devi, Mandanda, Kalagarh and furthermore from Kotdwar. The main turn of the Day Tour hour starts by 6:30 in the first part of the day and 1:30 at afternoon. You should take jeep for the safari to cover nearby destinations.

There is an online application for this service. The night stay in the Corbett National Park is accessible in Dhikala, Khinanauli, Bijrani, Pakharo, Kalagarh, and so forth. You can book hotels on the web. The expense of the hotel for the Indians is between 1250 and 5000, while outsiders must pay between 1,500 and 12,000 as indicated by their extravagance and administration. Tourists from the SAARC nations likewise have a similar rate as the Indians. Kids younger than five don’t have to pay.

Dunagiri: Where ever Drona used to be the sage of ashram

Dronagiri/Dunagiri is considered to be one of the seven important mountain peaks of mythological significance. It is said that it was here that Drona used to be an ashram of Rishi, hence it was called Dronagiri. Dunagiri is also known for natural beauty as well as for natural forest estates and valuable herbs. It is also thought that there is also a house of singing wild animals of the Dunagiri mountain. It is said that when Lakshman had become unconscious by the power of Meghnath in Lanka, Hanuman had taken entire Dronachal including the Sanjeevani herbs, and then one part of it fell down here. For this reason, this Dronagiri mountain is covered with divine herbs.

There is also a legendary Shaktipeeth of Vaishno Devi on top of Dunagiri, it is said to be from 1181 AD. This temple is said to have been built by the Kathiyari rulers. He is considered one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of the Goddess. It is also believed to be one of the two Shaktipeeths of Vaishno Devi present in India. One of them is in Jammu, and the Gupta Peeth is distinguished in Dunagiri. 365 steps take you to this temple. There is a panoramic view of the Himalayas in front of the temple. In this temple, the Navratri of the Month of Ashwin called Kalratri Jagaran on the day of Saptami is carried out with great pleasure. It is believed that on this day the Goddess appears in her fierce black form and after the sadhana of the people, Gauri takes the smooth form the next day.

There is also an inscription of 1029 AD in the temple. It is believed that it was brought here from Badrinath temple in Dwarahat. Around the town of Dunagiri: Nagarjuna, Bhatkot, Pandukholi and Sukhdev along with many places with historical myths are connected.

How to reach Dunagiri

Air: The closest airport to Dunagiri is the Pant Nagar air terminal. You can take a taxi to Dunagiri from this airport that takes the trip of 5 to 6 hours. Open transports are also accessible to Almora from where you can change to Dunagiri.

Train: The nearest train station to Dunagiri is the Kathgodam train station, which is 140 km from Dunagiri. From there you can access a taxi that takes approximately 4 hours to reach Dunagiri. You can experience beautiful hills and lakes during the trip. You can also access local private buses to get to Dunagiri from the Kathgodam train station.

Street: Dunagiri is well connected by roadways and have regular buses from the main cities of the state. You can also access local private buses to get to Dunagiri from any part of state. It is 103 KM away from Nainital.

Best time to visit Dunagiri

Dunagiri can be visited at any time of the year, apart from the overwhelming rainy season (from August to September). The interesting city is magnificent and immaculate in its excellence throughout the year, with winters that include a significantly more captivating appeal due to the snowfall. You will need some warm clothes to wear and prevent yourself from the coldness in the winters.