panchachuli trek

Panchachuli Glacier

A trekker’s heaven, the Panchachuli Glacier can be come to by a 40 km trek from Sobla, and is a unique trek, the track is sketched out by snow topped mountains and lavish high glades. The is of a medium testing range, however at that point, toward the finish of an intense trip, is an overcompensating view and the invigoration of accomplishment. On the off chance that you have around 2-3 days to save, and a heart to keep up, don’t miss this trek for anything.

Trekking way:-

Panchachuli Base Camp is one of the energizing base camps that set out its marquee in a 40-kilometer trek beginning from Dar to Panchachuli Glacier. Settling cozily in the lap of the snow topped pinnacles of Panchachuli, the Darma valley in Pithoragarh locale is supplied with plentiful picturesque glory, The course to the ice sheet is possess large amounts of an awe inspiring blend of exciting view, snow topped mountains, spouting streams, Alpine glades and a rich assortment of verdure and fauna. Arranged in Eastern Kumaon Himalaya, the trekking course shapes the watershed between the Gori Ganga and Darma Valleys. Individuals come to see the ethereal excellence of the nature, reasons don’t hold much significance, as the Himalayas lower regions are only the ideal choice to experience. Panchachuli Glacier lying on the laps of Kumaon Himalayan range in the Darma Valley, close to the outskirts of Nepal and Tibet a zone of exceptional excellence .The whole trek to the icy mass is a stroll along the waterway Dhauligang.

The last street head Dar is 42 kms Dharchula (dist. Pithoragarh ). Dar to Panchachuli Glacier is a wonderful walk. The trail experiences the innate Villages of Bongling ,Sela ,Nagling, Baaling and Duktu along the stream Dhauliganga and thick Forests of deodar and Bhojpatra and conifer. The five pinnacles of Panchachuli make the exceptional ghost of Him Khand, Yuli waterway avoided by the timberlands of Devdaar and Bhoj Patra and conifer trees and immense glades. Depiction of this trek on papers is mind boggling and would be treachery to the landscape that unfurls before the eyes of the onlooker, it must be experienced.

Itinerary for Panchachuli Trek:-

Day 1 :- Kathgodam to Dharchula 9hrs. (290km).

 Night stay in guesthouse.

Day 2 :- Dharchula – Dar – Urthing.

 Night stay in guesthouse / tents.

Day 3 :- Urthing – Naagling.

 Night stay in tents.

Day 4 :- Naagling – Son.

 Night stay in tents.

Day 5 :- Son – Panchchuli Base camp (4260 Mts)

 Night stay in tents.

Day 6 :- Panchachuli Base Camp- Naagling.

 Night stay in tents.

Day 7 :- Naagling to Urthing 12km.

 Night stay in guesthouse.

Day 8 :- Urthing to Dar drive back to Dharchula.

 Night stay in guesthouse

Day 9 :- Dharchula to Kathgodam via Almora (8hrs.) 290kms.

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